There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about the United States Post Office and our delivery of packages. It was reported that our volume of packages has dropped by 3.5 % so far this year compared to last year. The article do not say it was the post office fault for the drop, but the system we live under to set prices. Fedex and UPS are competing for the packages and can set prices to undercut each other. We are not allowed to do that without permission from the postal commission. The Postmaster General told the paper with the loss of first class, priority mail and packages, it will be hard to upgrade our fleet, equipment and services. The article also said that Fedex, and Ups are working on solutions to solve the last mile
As we draw close to election of our natioal offices, I hope this concern is a problem, the future administration will address.

Your in Solidarity
Richard H Cicchetti sr