If you missed it Mr DeJoy has been in front of a lot of committees explaining his actions on the Postal Service. He has stopped any action to delay the mail going out to the public. He will not replace what has been removed, but will allow overtime and trucks running full of mail. Rep. Stephen Lynch asked pointed questions to Dejoy that make for some interesting answers. We as a state Union ask all our members to ote for him in the upcoming election.
Today is also our action day to rally at local Post Offices to support the bill to give the Postal Service $25 billion to keep us going into the future. Wear your Union shirts with pride as we show congress our support for this bill.
The Postal Service is giving stand up talks on the use of social media and our talking about the workings of the Postal System. They are using ELM language to threaten the 1st Amendment, I guess Postal Inspectors will now be looking at facebook all day.
Trump said e would veto the bill when it came to him so lets see how he will stand up to a congress that wants this done.
Stay Safe,Stay Strong , Stay Union
Yours in Solidarity Richard H Cicchetti sr