Wee we are mid month into the holiday season, and packages and mail has been great so far. This is our time to shine, and show the public that the USPS is alive and well.
2020 will bring many changes to our lives and work place. We have a new contract waiting in the wings for us, a new Postmaster General to be appointed, and a administaton that wants to dissolve us.We have new officers in our union ranks, and new directions coming at us everyday. These last few weeks will go by fast and a new year will be here.
our effort to keep the Postal Service working, will continue and we still need to keep our customers aware that some government officials want to shut us down.
We get bad news everyday, so good news, have a great holiday season, enjoy your family and friends. Keep a positive attatude during this time, and remember, your Union has your back.
I wll see you all next year

Yours in Solitary Richard H Cicchetti