On June 27 the APWU listed the candidates for National Offices for our upcoming election. Please review the list of candidates, as this is your chance to change the direction of our Unions future. I an excited to see so many members running for positions in the Union.New Officers mean new idea and direction for our Union. It is with a sad note that we have lost Robert C. Pritchard of our Union Family. Along with this, a reminder to wear a seat belt, my niece was not wearing one two weeks ago. On a rain slick road , went off the road, all safety equipment works on driver side, but she was not on that side. Second, watched a rural carrier almost fall out of her LLV , while trying to put mail in a box. Not wearing a seat belt, she was not hurt, but will always put the belt on . Please have a safe and healthy summer.



 our in solidarity¬† ¬†Richard Cicchetti .