Last week I witnessed the passing of the pen as Ray Bell took over the job of Secretary treasury for the Massachusetts APWU,. Taking over this position is quite the job for anyone, and Ray seemed up for the task. Allow him a few weeks to fill the shoes of Joe Socka , as to me this looked like a daunting job. I am learning WordPress and trying t navigate around all the different pages and plugins that are on this web site.  I salute the people that set up this page, and got the book WordPress for dummies. This small book is only 828 pages long with 8 books in one, looking for any help I can get to update pages. Deleting is not a problem, but getting names to pictures is an adventure. Well I took up enough of your time,  back to work, or punch off Union time Have a great Memorial weekend and thank a Vet    ALL GAVE SOME  SOME GAVE ALL




your in solidarity   Richard Cicchetti .