Well the ballots have been counted and verified, and you can view the winners on the National webpage. Some members will be pleased with the results, and others will be disappointed with the election. I am disappointed with the number of members that did not vote. A lack of interest in our Union, lack of information about Union affairs, a lack of concern on our contract negations that will affect all members. Do we not communicate enough about Union activities and upcoming events. Those that voted, we thank you for voicing your concerns and continued interest in your Union. I keep writing our Union, but it is your Union and belongs to every member that pays their dues. Are they not concerned on how we spend their money? I just do not get it ,or maybe I am too old to understand the future generations.
Well have a nice rest of the month, as I will be in Nevada for the conference. I am hoping to increase my contacts in the entire state of Massachusetts Getting photos of our board. I will be back in November, with an update on how it went. This webpage is only as good as the information I can get from the membership

Your in Solitary Richard H Cicchetti