Well i am late with my comments for the week. My computer decided to quit on me, and I needed to get a restart on my system.On this restart I lost everything and have to start all over to get to the items I want.
Holiday season over, now start the complaints about hours being cut, lack of work, and low mail volume. We that have been in the Post Office,know the cycle well, and this too will pass.
Our Postmaster General, has been asked to delay her retirement, as a replacement has not been found. 400,000 People demand Postmaster General who supports the Public Postal Service. I think this is a reason why the choice has not been made yet. You ask all our members to keep the pressure up on a leader that will be a advocate for the Postal Service.
We are sad at the loss of John R Smith First Retirees Director. He passed away on Jan 11 at the age of 91 we will miss his leadership as director of the Retirees.
Our contract still not out for us, Postal Nurses and Technolgy Services have a tentative agreement with the Postal Service.
Final note: The Exective Board will be meeting the Sunday Jan 26 2020 at 10 am in the Auburn Office 65 Southbridge St. See you there have a great week folks
Yours in Solitary Richard H Cicchetti