AS we all know, we have a new President elect and a new vice President elect for our nation. This should be an Administration wanting to keep the Postal System working, and expanding to serve the country. DeJoy will still be in power over us and the Postal Commission will still be a republican stronghold
.We can all hope and pray that our future is going to get brighter and get new services to keep us strong.
Covid 19 continues to grow, and we see no end in sight . Masks are the best way to fight this disease, hand washing and keeping our distance also helps. Many changes in start and finish times at the Post Office has helped to keep our numbers down. We must continue to do safe measures at work and at home also. People must be mindful of their surrounding at all times, you never know who has the virus and who doesn’t.
As a state union web site, I try to keep up on the latest changes coming to the Postal system,but I do not work in the system anymore . I keep up with the national web site and have many contacts that are in the system. Sometimes I get advance notices on coming stand up talks and relate them to you.
I work closely with the state union president to keep on top of state affairs, and happenings around the state.
I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving

Your in Solidarity Richard H Cicchetti sr