We want to welcome Matthew Dodd to our Executive Board as the representative of 021-024. On july 7th the board meet to go over business that needed to be voted on as the virus has impacted our meeting schedule. Mr Dodd was asked if he would like to hold the position until we can have an election in October, saying yes the vote was taken and he now holds the position. If you not familiar with matthew, he has kept up with the virus and posted the stations that have had cases in the boston area.
Cases have slowed down but we must keep our guard up to continue this trend.
As a state union we have decided to endorse Ed Markey for U S Senator , he has a great record of voting for the postal System, and has visited a few plants in the state.
We believe the State Convention is still on for October at the same place as last time.Will keep you updated as more information becomes available All for now please stay safe and enjoy the summer
Your in Solidarity Richard H Cicchetti sr