As I write this congress is trying to get back in session to fund the Postal Service. News stories all over the country are concerned with the Post Office and what is happening to our ability to deliver the goods and services we provide.
Now is our time to shine in the eyes of the America public,offer the best customer service we can, and continue our dedication to uphold the standards we pledged to do .
News reports are showing the equipment and mail boxes that are no longer in service. We are explaining the prefunding law that we are under and why we cannot produce the revenue that we need to keep service standards up. Since 2006 we have lost the ability to make money to purchase new machines, new Postal vehicles to meet the new demands of the mail, add the necessary new services we can offer to improve our ability to bring in more revenue .
I share the same fear as many people in congress feel, and that is will DeJoy really replace the machines that have been removed. He has postponed any changes until after the election, but don’t we roll right into the christmas season after the elections.
I feel we may have won a battle, but we did not win the war. We must continue the pressure on our congress to make the necessary changes for us to continue to grow. The America public does not want us to go away, and I believe DeJoy will be watched by many as he tries to make changes in the Postal System. I salute our sister from Iowa that started us being in the spotlight of the american public.
I have had many reporters calling to ask me questions about our situation, I give them phone numbers of Union Leaders that actually work the floor.
I ask you to stay strong, stay safe, and mindful of our dedication to providing service to our nation

Your in Solidarity Richard H Cicchetti sr