As we continue to go on with life, we do it day by day. Each day brings us good news and bad news, and each one has to decide what we want to believe in.
Many people I know, say the Post Office will never go out of business, but I ask how many though the government would never shut down. Not only did it shut down, but was shut down twice. Think of all that has happened in the last months and did we think this would happen around the start of the new year.
Our new normal right now is fase masks, 6 feet from people, and no more than ten minutes at a time. My children go to school on a computer, stand in line to enter a store, and get prepared food at a drive thru .
We watch ups and fedex get federal aid while the oldest divery service gets nothing for help. We have been called many things in our time, but no president has ever called us a joke. We are more than one union, we have 4 different unions representing our workers, and emlpoy more veterans tha any other company. Is our congress and country that weak, we can not stop this administration from taken down our Postal system.
I have called my powers to be so much , they answer hello richard what is your concern today.
I am one voice, but all of us together are many voices, and november is not that far away.
Use your right to vote wisely

Your in Solidarity Richard H Cicchett sr